Are You Ready for a Bit of Banter?






Show everyone your love of a bit of Banter with the band’s new stickers and badges which will be available all through festival season and beyond.  They will be making a debut appearance at Sidmouth Folk Week – grab them whilst they’re around!


The band would love to know the most inappropriate place you’ve stuck a Banter sticker.  Tim isn’t telling about his recent distressing experience, but he’s found out that they are great for hair waxing… (Tweet your pics and worrying sticker moments to @banterceilidh!)


Banter are also really looking forward to playing the final Friday night Late Night Extra at the Bulverton Dance House during Sidmouth.  It’s going to be a mad evening, and is likely to feature certain dancers zooming around with GoPro cameras stuck to their heads, and if you are there then you are likely to feature in the new Banter video from filmographer Nick Loven…


Can’t wait for the Festival Banter to begin!


Featuring Simon Care (melodeon), Nina Zella (piano/keyboards) and Tim Walker (brass, percussion & caller), Banter is a band to watch.  Bursting on to the Festival scene in their first year, Banter are all about having a great night dancing to the best tunes, played with a cheeky twist…


All aboard the Banter Bus!