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The third Banter studio album, recorded during lockdown and featuring reinterpretations of many well known traditional songs and with guest performances from John Spiers (Spiers and Boden, Peter Knight’s Gigspanner, Bellowhead) and Phil Beer (Show Of Hands).

Catalogue No. MCRCD1202

Label – Mrs Casey Records

Track listing:

  1. The Labourer featuring John Spiers
  2. Forsaken Mermaid
  3. Gathering Flowers
  4. Gloucester Hornpipe
  5. The Hitchin May Day Song
  6. Unquiet Grave featuring Phil Beer
  7. Moll In The Wad
  8. Home Sweet Home
  9. Blackbirds & Thrushes
  10. Tide A’ Flowing / The Duchess
  11. Country Life
  12. Rare Bog

Huge thanks for really kind reviews for the album which you can read here from and At The Barrier



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Catalogue No. MCRCD9102

Label – Mrs Casey Records

Track listing:

  1. Just Love
  2. Harpers Frolic / Bonny Kate
  3. Candlelight Fisherman
  4. Johnny Goes To France
  5. 10 More Minutes
  6. Leader
  7. Not Downham
  8. Easy On Me
  9. One More Dance And Then
  10. Strike The Bell
  11. Apocalypse
  12. Roxanne
“Banter. They play for you, they play with you. The most versatile and interesting band on the scene at the moment…Three superb musos who are at the top of their game. This is a great album which pulls together everything that their debut recording hinted at… Highly recommended..”– Phil Beer (Show of Hands)


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Banter’s classic debut studio album (2018)

Includes Banter’s unmistakeable version of John Kirkpatrick’s “Jump At The Sun” and Nina Zella’s much loved original song “Fell In Love With An Idiot”

Catalogue No. MCRCD7102

Label – Mrs Casey Records

Track listing:

  1. Jump At The Sun
  2. William Taylor’s Tabletop Hornpipe
  3. Jake’s Jig
  4. Fell In Love With An Idiot
  5. Curly Headed Cowboy
  6. Rochdale Coconut Dance / Tip Top Polka
  7. Schottische A Catinaux
  8. Matthew Loves Mark
  9. Lady In The Boat
  10. Margaret’s Waltz
  11. Kafoozalum
  12. Plane Tree
  13. This Could Be
  14. Old Tom Of Oxford

“Unmistakeable pumping melodeon, screaming brass, visceral vocals, this is absolutely going to be my summer driving album this year!!!”

– Jack Rutter (Seth Lakeman Band)


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Single – digital release only

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Released to mark the 40th anniversary of the release by The Police.


Banter’s unmistakeable version of this classic hit. Drinking game optional…

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